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Membership in The National Association of CHVA provides a subscription to the quarterly AEV magazine and notification of National tours and events. Membership is open to any person with a related interest in Action Era Vehicles who pays the correct dues. Owning a qualifying vehicle is not required. A person may contact the Director of a nearby Region for assistance in joining that Region. If the nearest Region is not convenient, a person may join the National Organization by submitting an application and paying the appropriate dues.

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The National Association of CHVA, known as the National Organization, will grant Regional Charters to a group of twelve or more members of CHVA who submit a Regional Charter application to the Board, with a list of members and a set of Regional By-Laws.

Provisional Charters – A group of six members of CHVA may request a Provisional Regional Charter by using the same procedures as for a Regional Charter. When the membership reaches twelve the Association will present them with a Regional Charter.

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