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National Tour Update

The National Tour "'Round Lake Michigan" is a go! The dates are currently set for Sept 7-16, 2023. Please contact Rich Gibbs at or Steve Schneider at for more information!


We have a first-time member introductory rate of $20 for the year, a savings of $16. Reminder, you do not have to own an AEV to be a member - you just need a desire to preserve these classic cars! Contact Bob Higday at for more info. Current members, tell your friends, family, and other car enthusiasts!

Next National Tour

We're still looking for volunteers to arrange the next National Tour! Maybe you want to show off your home area, or a favorite destination. If it's in the continental United States, let's drive our classic cars there!


Tell Us About It!

Maybe you have an entertaining story about getting lost in the backroads. Maybe you want to tell us about your first car. Maybe you have fond memories of a national tour and want to reminisce. Whatever reason you have, we want to hear about your classic cars and the fun times you've had with them! All CHVA members are encouraged to write articles telling us about their great stories, and we'll post them here!

National Tour - Round Lake Michigan Sept 7-16

Tour Highlights

  • We'll be starting off with the Experimental Aircraft Association Airventure Museum, with a collection of over 200 historic airplanes

  • Iron Mine Underground Mine Train will take us 2,600 ft into the mine to learn about mining practices from 1870 to 1945

  • Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore is best seen by boat, so we'll be taking a tour of this magnificent area

  • We'll be crossing Mackinac Bridge, the fifth longest suspension bridge in the world - 26,372 ft long!

  • Traverse City has many things to do, including parks, museums, and a lot of wineries!

  • Our final stop is the Gilmore Car Museum, boasting over 400 vehicles in varied exhibits like "Born to Perform: The Era of the Muscle Car" and "A Century of Motorcycles"

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