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Welcome to the website of the Contemporary Historical Vehicle Association! The CHVA endeavors to give all the benefits of a large, all-encompassing club dedicated to the preservation of the Depression/World War II era and later vehicles. The purpose of the club is to provide a place where publications and activities will be designed to cater to this particular era of vehicles and auto-related memories. We feel these vehicles deserve a place where those people who consider them to be of historical and sentimental value, can follow those convictions in fellowship with people of similar interest.

CHVA Regions enjoy activities that include cruise nights, judged car shows, day trips, weekend tours, and national tours. To join CHVA you do not need to own a classic car. Just contact any Region near you. If there is not a Region in your vicinity you may join the National organization and even establish your own Region.


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Letter from the President
(Added 12/15/2013)

Time to Plan for 2014
(Added 9/18/2013)

We have planned a tour of Puget Sound that will have our car club Northwest bound.

Tour announcement

2012 Tour Reports

My first CHVA tour: the journey on a road less traveled
Story by: Elizabeth Klaas Chappell

2012 Tour Photos
Photos by: BK Showalter

More 2012 Tour Photos
Plantations, Pines and Prairies
Photos by: Dick Klaas

Car Parts
Video created Brian shown at the banquet

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Latest Articles

larryOld Cars and New Laws - October 2014, by Larry Becker (Added 10/1/14)
On Sept. 22nd, the debt-ridden private company running the Indiana Toll Road announced that it intends to transfer its operations to a new entity under a bankruptcy filing on 9/22. Chicago based ITR Concessions Co. filed the papers on 9/22 and announced that it would sell all of its assets including all rights to the Toll Road. (Never thought that we would ever see something like that)!...
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bk showalterPeddling Pink - October 2014, by BK Showalter (Added 10/14/14)
It is probable that the color pink has been smeared, sprayed, and brushed upon conveyances for as long as wheels have (ahem!) been ‘round. However, in the period known by those of us who enjoyed life in an era known as The Fabulous Fifties, the color “pink” by 1955 had become a favorite on a great many products. No longer was pink a color found primarily in women’s lingerie departments...
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paulYour Turn - August 2013, by Paul Schneider (Added 8/14/13)
I’ve been sharing my stories with the CHVA web-page, and the Action Era Vehicle magazine for many years and I seemed to have drained the memory bank dry and by now you must be getting awful tired of reading about my past. We have also just moved and will be making some changes with the house we bought, plus putting in another garage for the big boy toys...
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