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Welcome to the website of the Contemporary Historical Vehicle Association! The CHVA endeavors to give all the benefits of a large, all-encompassing club dedicated to the preservation of the Depression/World War II era and later vehicles. The purpose of the club is to provide a place where publications and activities will be designed to cater to this particular era of vehicles and auto-related memories. We feel these vehicles deserve a place where those people who consider them to be of historical and sentimental value, can follow those convictions in fellowship with people of similar interest.

CHVA Regions enjoy activities that include cruise nights, judged car shows, day trips, weekend tours, and national tours. To join CHVA you do not need to own a classic car. Just contact any Region near you. If there is not a Region in your vicinity you may join the National organization and even establish your own Region.


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2016 Tour Flyer
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2015 Tour Flyer
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2015 Farewell Banquet Poem
by Judy Higday
(Added 6/4/2016)

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larryOld Cars and New Laws - June 2016, by Larry Becker (Added 6/4/16)
The ten most dangerous states for drunken driving are - #1-North Dakota, #2- Montana, #3-Idaho, #4-Wisconsin, #5-South Carolina, #6-South Dakota, #7-Pennsylvania, 8-New Mexico, #9-Rhode Island and #10-Vermont. These figures came from a survey obtained by USA Today...
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bk showalterHalf-ton Haulers - June 2016, by BK Showalter (Added 6/4/16)
The popularity of elderly pickup trucks continues to rise among collectors who often spend goodly sums to restore them to like new condition. Meanwhile, the new ones being built look so Ritzy their owners are reluctant to use them for hauling any kind of dirty or greasy cargo that may leave permanent stains or scratches on the new truck’s bed...
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Where's My Cell Phone and GPS - March 2015, by Terry Borgmann (Added 3/1/15)
This true story takes place in the mid 1940s. It’s not directly about a car but does involve travel. Those who know me know that I am not an author so feel free to skip to the next article...
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